KL International Neonatology Conference Programme

The scientific committee has prepared an exciting and robust scientific content which seeks to find solutions to pertinent daily neonatology matters. Amongst the highlights include the daily grind of neonatal issues, i.e. jaundice where we had invited Professor Vinod Bhutani a renowned professor who was instrumental in the drafting of the AAP Bhutani jaundice nomograms which we use today. World renowned neonatal researcher and academician Professor William Tarnow-Mordi will be discussing the impact of major neonatal clinical trials. We will also discuss neonatal nutrition, issues related to the neonatal brain, infant outcomes, respiratory problems, neonatal infections and neonatal haemodynamics amongst many. This year, we had also slotted in a forum where clinician from Indonesia, India, China and Malaysia will discuss the challenges faced in the NICUs of Asia. 

Download the Programme: PDF (v23a, updated 07-Nov-2019)