Abstracts Submission

Abstract Submission Deadline: 30th September 2019

The Scientific Committee welcomes the submission of free communication abstracts for presentation. Shortlisted posters are required to present at preliminary rounds followed by a final challenge for top three posters to compete during the specified date and time.


Best Presentation Award are opened to those below the age of 40 as of 31st December 2019 and will be judged based on the competition between the top three posters challenge.

Selection: The panel of judges will be appointed by the Scientific Committee, and their decisions will be final. No awards will be made if there are less than 3 papers in any category or if the quality of all the papers in each category are not deemed to be suitable for the award(s).

Delegates must submit abstracts for presentations online.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 30th September 2019.


Abstracts are to be submitted in English and should be no longer than 250 words.

Organise the abstract under the headings Title, Researchers (underline the Principal Investigator), Institution, Background, Objectives, Methods, Results and Conclusions.

Abstracts of case reports will have the heading “Report” instead of ‘Objectives’, ‘Methods’ and ‘Results’.

Abstracts must be accompanied by payment of registration fees. If the abstract is subsequently not accepted for presentation, the registration fee will be refunded to the author in accordance with the cancellation policy.

Scheduling details and guidelines for the final preparation of accepted presentations will be included with the notification of acceptance.

The final selection will be the responsibility of the Scientific Committee.

For abstract submission, it is compulsory for the delegate to register for the conference.


Presentation in the Poster Session will be numbered as listed in the programme.

The poster board area is 1.5 m(height) x 0.95 m (width).

You are advised to print poster NO LARGER than the poster board. We advise size A0 (841mm width x 1189mm height).

The top of the poster must have a label indicating its title and author(s).

All illustrations should be prepared beforehand. The illustrations should be readable from a distance of 1 meter. Keep illustrations simple.

Posters must be mounted on the assigned board before the opening ceremony and must be dismounted by 1400hrs on the last day of the congress. The Organising Committee will not be responsible for posters that have not been dismounted by the stipulated time.


The allocated time for each presentation is 10 minutes with 2 minutes for discussion.

Screen projections will be made via a standard LCD projector.

All presenting materials must be handed to the technician-in-charge at least 2 hours before the scheduled sessions. Please be punctual for the presentation.


Please Register Online prior to submitting your abstract. Upon successful registration, you will be given a password "token" to be used for login and abstract submission.