KL International Neonatology Conference 2019

Evidence-Base Neonatology | Examing Evidence | Seeking Solutions

Supported by distinguished speakers from the USA, Australia, China, & India, this is the third biennial conference, the first being in 2015. This year’s theme is “Evidence-Based Neonatology : Examining Evidence. Seeking Solutions”. Event will be held at SunMed Convention Centre, Sunway Medical Centre & will receive attendance from neonatologists, paediatricians, nurses and allied health delegates from all over the world. Pre-conference workshops will be held on the 20th of November 2019. KLINC 2019 will help equip and update healthcare providers who care for neonates with the most recent knowledge and skills. 


  1. To promote continuous medical education and encourage a nourishing exchange of experiences in neonatal ethics, healthcare, and parental experiences in care of premature and sick newborns.  
  2. To promote public awareness regarding complications of prematurity, and the need to support parents whose children are born premature.



Hashtag Prematurity Awareness Campaign

#hugs4preemies    #fight4preemies    #iampreemie

The public and parents of preemies are encouraged to join the hashtag campaign #Hugs4Preemies and #IamPreemie on twitter, instagram and facebook to promote continuing awareness of problems related to prematurity. Stories and photographs related to prematurity with a #Hugs4Preemies banner may be uploaded to create awareness. Parents of premature infants in Malaysia are encouraged to share the story of their journey via our SuperPreemies facebook page, and on twitter as well as instagram. We would also like to invite those who would like to support us by helping us highlight our causes by becoming our social media partner. 



Fight for Preemies

The committee will highlight the following causes throughout our campaign. To urge that all employers in Malaysia will ensure that parents of premature infants and of infants who require intensive care as soon as they are born are accorded the necessary assistance and support. 

  1. Infant-Care Leave: That extended maternity leave (fully paid) are provided by all employers, for all mothers whose infants require admission to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).  
  2. Critical Baby & Premature Infant Support: That parents whose infants were critically ill at birth are provided the necessary support by employers, e.g. specific carer’s allowance, hospital payment support, or supported leave days. 




The Organising Committee will not be liable for personal accidents, loss or damage to private properties of participants during any of the activities. Participants should make own arrangements with respect to personal insurance.